Saturday, March 5, 2011

Homebrew 1200W Halogen Adjustable Photo Flood

So, I've got a few things coming up that require a portable, adjustable, high-power floodlight system for photography use.  A wander around Home Depot, and for under $70, I was able to assemble a very workable Halogen flood rig using four 300W halogen bulbs in two heads, with linear faders, including reasonable-duty tripod.

Home Depot sells a two-head, four bulb halogen floodlight with tripod for $45.  Each head has two switches on the back to switch the individual bulbs in the head.  Add in a 4" square wiring box ($1), and two standard dimmer switches ($10 ea), and you have a very powerful, adjustable flood for under $70.

Sure, it's not the most complex thing ever.. however, it is EXTREMELY useful and just about the cheapest solution I could come up on short notice.  1200 Watts (all on, full power) of Halogen light is simply blinding, and should provide  plenty for full-length shots.  Not shown (but coming) is PVC pipe counterbalanced boom attached to the tripod with a 250W Halogen flood, for providing downlighting.  The halogen flood cost $13, and a 10' run of 1 1/4" PVC pipe cost $3.50... and another $2 in a couple of carriage bolts.

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